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Pudding is a post-event forum for audiences to digest what they’ve seen on stage. And for organisations and brands, it connects you with your community, providing evidence of your impact.


After events, foyers hum with the sound of audiences revved up on big ideas. But nothing happens next. The consequences are big: 87% first-time attendees never book again.


As organisations, we're overlooking the chance to connect with our communities when they're most inspired.  


The solution is simple: Pudding.

'It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pudding and so invaluable having an independent organisation involved in the process'

Lisa Prime, Head of Children & Young 
le’s Programme, BAFTA

Clients include:


Whether you're a conference looking to provide a space for networking, or a museum keen to quantify your impact, Pudding helps you ensure there's a seat at the table - for everyone.

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About the Founder

Georgia Attlesey FRSA is a creative producer, associate lecturer and the founder of Pudding. Having making big ideas more accessible through culture for organisations including Poet in the City, HowtheLightGetsIn, Julie’s Bicycle and London Film School she founded the organisation in 2021 in order to close the audience experience event gap. Read more about Georgia.


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